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Handheld ZAP! part I

Yesterday I have decided to build a handheld multifunction multimedia device, that has some extra feauters.
I imagine it like a tablet PC or so.

What I need for the project:

But to be honest just buying and assembling these parts not a great thing.
So I've decided to check the following possible features I would like to include:

-Custom case with unique design.
-Tablet size tft touch screen.
-Extended batteries.
-Costumized software(This is one of the main reasons to build the device)

I also have to decide about the opreating system of the machine.
There are several Android distributions already out, I have to check out to scalabitlity of those. There is also a project on the symbian side. Since symbian is an open source solution it is really charming. And there are several unix distribs out there.

If all goes well next week I start to assemble the basic hardver config.

Until then here are the base of my madness:

I also checking for more similar single board solutions. The slimer the better.

For example here is a windows XP capable amd solution:

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